If you are looking for ADB drivers for your Android device then you must be interested in the following: How to select the most suitable driver and what are the benefits of using them. This article is not just about the download Universal ADB driver but also about their installation and usage. So, how to go about it?

ADB, Android Debug Bridge, can control your Android device over USB from a computer, so you need to download Universal ADB driver on your computer to make Android USB debug work properly. ADB is essential to install or uninstall apps and copy files between your PC and Android device without requiring cables or mounting actual storage locations in any way. So, let's learn more about this Universal ADB driver! 

What is the Universal ADB driver?

Simply, you can carry out a simple installation of the drivers of your Android device on different Windows versions, from XP to Windows 8 with Universal ADB driver. This tool properly works with a wide range of devices including both Android smartphones and tablets. The main advantage of download Universal ADB Driver is that the user can use Android Debug Bridge well known as ADB, the Android SDK tool in charge of connecting your Android device and your Windows PC. So, this is essential if you are a user of a rooted Android device.

Advantages of ADB download 

  • You can execute operations on remote devices
  • More stable than Terminal Emulator
  • You can easily find crashed apps
  • Install applications and software from the PC
  • Using push and pull, transfer files between your devices
  • Alter system files need root
  • Access the command line interface on your device
  • Capture and Record Screen
  • Sideload Software
  • Debug applications and programs
  • Access and trace errors
  • Reboot the device, enable bootloader and recovery mode without physical keys
  • Remove bloatware without the root
  • Remove pre-installed apps

How do I download Universal ADB driver?

Here are the methods for you to try. You don't need to try them all; just select the simple way to download ADB drivers for Windows.

  1. Manually download the Universal ADB driver
  2. Automatically download the ADB driver

Steps to manually download the Universal ADB driver

  1. Firstly, go to the manufacturer's official website of your device, or download the ADB driver package from Google
  2. Search for the correct driver for your device
  3. Then, download the driver file
  4. Extract the downloaded file, run the downloaded file for your Windows version, and then follow the on-screen wizard to install the driver on your computer
  5. After completing the installation, restart your PC to make it take effect.
  6. Now, the Universal ADB driver should be working properly

Step guide to automatically download Universal ADB driver

If you don't have time or patience to play around with drivers, you can do that automatically with Driver Easy.

  1. Firstly, download and install Driver Easy
  2. Then, run Driver Easy and select “Scan Now”
  3. Driver Easy will then scan any problem drivers
  4. Simply, click the “Update button” to download and install the correct universal ADB driver for your Windows device(You can do that with the FREE version)
  5. Or click Update All to download and install the correct version of all the problem drivers on your computer 

What is ADB installer download v1.4.3?

ADB installer V1.4.3 is a package that is tiny in size but includes all the must-have drivers for Android such as ADB drivers (Android Debug Bridge), Fastboot, and Google USB drivers. This is very easy to install and this is the newest version available now. 

  • Small – 9.18 MB
  • Fast –  you can install it in 15 seconds
  • AIO – ADB, Fastboot, and also Drivers
  • Easy to install – just run it and the program will guide you
  • Clean – ADB and Google Drivers from the latest SDK

Explaining ADB commands using FAQs

  • What are ADB commands in Android?

Now, we know ADB is a flexible command line tool used to communicate with a PC. ADB commands allow you to install and uninstall apps, and it also helps you to access the Unix shell through which you can run multiple commands on a device.

  • Can I enable USB debugging using ADB?

Enabling USB debugging using an ADB command is complicated because executing an ADB command needs to have USB debugging enabled on your Android phone. ADB can't communicate with your PC until the USB debugging is turned on.

  • How to run commands in ADB?

Firstly type adb reboot-bootloader in the command line. 

Fastboot device command: The fastboot device command can be used to boot your Android device.

  • What is ADB shell for?

ADB shell is an Android Debug Bridge shell which is a command line tool included with Google's Android SDK. An Android device is connected to a computer using a USB and can be controlled by the terminal interface. If you want to transfer files, run shell commands, install/uninstall apps, and more things, you can use this.

  • What is the aspiration of ADB shell commands?

You can use ADB shell commands to run different commands on an emulator or connected device.

Why should you download Universal ADB driver?

There are certain reasons why you should have to install a Universal ADB driver on your device. Some of these reasons could be Unified Storage Technology for your Android smartphone. It allows you to use the same application on both your Windows PC and your smartphone. Moreover, you can back up/ restore your data using your Android device. It helps you to simply communicate from your PC to your smartphone to your office using a local USB cable. Now you have an idea of the reasons why you should download ADB files for Android.


Now, we have seen the blog post Introduction on download Universal ADB driver. This is a very informative and truthful tutorial about the complete user guide to installing the Universal ADB driver.

You can install your updates and custom ROMs from ADB. Simple and easy, right? If you have any questions or queries about this post or just need some help installing an app/update, please contact us in the comment box or use the contact form below. Thanks for visiting our blog. See you in the latest ADB updates soon!